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Yourcupcounts, WordPress Portfolio

Online & Offline Fund Raising Programs In USA

Yourcupcounts is one of the leading online shops of USA which runs online and offline campaigns to raise funds faster. The WordPress developers at i-Verve customized campaigns’ set up process in an effective way with only 5 steps. We created campaign details and launched it on social media platforms. This also included some tricky integration and customization required for support.

Key Features

  • - Campaign organizer to create own campaign
  • - Launch campaign and share on social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn
  • - Fully custom made theme
  • - Campaigns display (category wise)
  • - Global search for find any kind of campaign
  • - PayPal payment method integrated for support
  • - One page checkout for support campaign and buy products


  • - Customized campaign setup process within a defined time frame
  • - Integrated Fancy product design & campaign setup process with woo commerce platform
  • - Customized Fancy product designer plug-in for custom design label

Technologies used

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce