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W3POST, iOS Application

Social Networking iOS App, Helping Connect With Loved Ones

An iOS based app called W3Post was created for a client from USA; it is an exciting social networking app that lets you treasure with every moment! Explore new friends; get in touch with your family members, best pals and loved ones! W3Post users are supposed to log-in with their registered cell numbers or email IDs. Through this alluring application, you can share your views, ideas, and snaps; you can even send videos with a few taps. If you want to pile up favorite videos of trips, events or meetings, then just don’t be worried, they are securely saved in W3Post.

Key Features

  • - Add new/old friends
  • - Get notifications and alerts of actions
  • - Create groups/communities
  • - Chat and send text messages
  • - Share videos and pictures
  • - View photos, videos and messages (year/month wise)
  • - Allow specific friends/users to view posts

Key Benefits

  • - Helps expand social network
  • - Stores precious pictures/videos safely
  • - Helps enhance long-term business alliance
  • - Lets users participate in various social groups/communities
  • - Bridges the gap between friends, relatives, families and others

Technologies used

  • iOS
  • OSX Version 10.9.2
  • Xcode Version 5.1.1