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Treasure Hunt, iOS App

Hunt Your Own Treasure with iOS App

Before you start playing this exciting puzzle game – Treasure Hunt, player can test his/her own shooting skills and be a great hunter. This iOS based game app was designed for USA client; the app boasts of various adventures which surely surprise your senses. Casual players can inspect their own shooting abilities by shooting own treasure-box with a grenade and gather stars which come in-between the projectile path of grenade. Players can have 15 diverse levels; each level will become more intriguing as you play. As a result shooting becomes more passionate and players become more ardent towards the game!

Key Features

  • - 15 levels to play with
  • - Treasure box
  • - Grenade to shoot treasure box
  • - Bouncy platforms


  • - Helps test shooting skills
  • - Improves shooting abilities
  • - Useful for casual players
  • - Improves players’ concentration

Technologies used

  • iOS
  • OSX Version 10.9.2
  • Xcode Version 5.1.1