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Macktrack Media, Android App

Bringing Joyous Moments Together with Macktrack App

Macktrack Media, an Android app has been design and developed for USA client; the app is used for social networking. Showcase music, treasure moments! Users can explore new faces, view their profiles and make new friends. You can be a part of “Real-time” world and get connected with friends, family members, well-wishers, colleagues and others. Favorite music, videos, songs and pictures! Exploration is made easy here.

Key Features

  • - Add new/old friends & chat with them
  • - User friendly navigation
  • - Share images, videos, feeds and posts
  • - Embed music/songs
  • - Track users of your choice

Key Benefits

  • - Enables to share music and moments
  • - Helps make new communication/friends
  • - Increases social exposure and identity
  • - Allows chatting with friends on-the-go

Technologies used

  • JDK
  • Eclipse