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Fitera, CakePHP Portfolio

CakePHP Development Project, USA

Fitera, located in USA, is famous for providing fitness tips and helping people accomplish their fitness goals. Fitera is all about losing weight where an exercise tool is developed for calculating heart rate, calories and waist to hip ratio. Our CakePHP team improved this website by providing affluent features for developing a smart “exercise tool”. The website was designed in such a way that users can easily purchase products to lose weight. Moreover, we created page for Fitera fitness community to make it interactive by allowing them to participate in blogs, create groups, make new friends and post messages.

Key Features

  • - Secure Exercise tool
  • - Store to buy weight loss products
  • - Community portal for better internal communication


  • - For better site promotion, Fitera community portal was created to keep friends/group in touch.
  • - Developed Fitera store for the purchase of weight loss products
  • - Designed exercise tools page within stipulated time

Technologies used

  • PHP
  • MySQL