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Diveraid Android App, Australia

Learn Scuba Diving In The Most Advanced Way

DiveRaid – an Android application developed for a client from Australia; this app is helpful to instructors and students. Scuba Diving app gives on-the-go training with its APP interface; it has been designed with a proactive quality control system. This app appears to be a great helping hand for budding scuba divers. They can attempt quiz and view their scores. Scuba diving instructors can keep a check on their exam status and students’ list. An online learning experience with DiveRaid will be a remarkable one! Students get all the information about confined water training, open water training, rescue and many more. Hands-on information on physiology, dive equipments and environment is just a click away!

Key Features

  • - Manage logbooks (View and Add)
  • - View course information
  • - Select scuba diving courses
  • - Appear in exams
  • - Buy bonus courses
  • - Manage online/offline data of quiz and exams
  • - View and update profile
  • - Show document listing
  • - View Dive history

Key Benefits

  • - Helps learn scuba diving courses on-the-fly
  • - Gives all the information about scuba diving
  • - Saves time and money
  • - Offers ease and convenience
  • - Enhances knowledge required for scuba diving

Technologies used

  • JDK
  • Eclipse