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Cary Pool, WordPress Portfolio

Cary Pool, UAE, Helps Users Share Their Drive In A Unique Way

Cary Pool, UAE was refurbished with a whole new design and enhanced integration. WordPress developers at i-Verve provided a better control and helped them with Dynamic WP template integration. We integrated dynamic theme in responsive, developed image banners and implemented CSS as per requirement of lay out. They also implemented social icons, Dynamic contact form during the advancements!

Key Features

  • - Integrated with dynamic theme ( Responsive)
  • - Multiple banners with dynamic slider
  • - Dynamic JQuery implementation
  • - Screen Slider to display dynamic images
  • - Dynamic CSS implementation
  • - Social icons implementation
  • - Dynamic contact form implementation
  • - Dynamic newsletter & Email Integration


  • - Changed the existing theme as per provided responsive template

Technologies used

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Dreamweaver